After you've finished your route for the day, you or your boss may want to see the amount of time or the distance of the route taken. The History Report tool gives you the ability to view your activity for analysis.

Data Report Tool:

View Report Data

View activity on your Road Warrior account for analysis and tracking from the Activity Report Portal. Simply select the Start Date and End Date to view activity for a certain period of time.

Three tabs allow you to drill down on your data: Routes, History and Favorites.


The routes tab shows you your route name, the start time, the end time, the location, the total time for the route, the total distance for the route, and any notes made for each route.

If you click on the name of a route, more detailed information about each stop will appear.


The history tab shows you how different stops were changed, checked into, etc.


The favorites tab shows you your favorites stops, their priority level, any phone numbers associated with the stop, and any notes (including hashtags).

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