The RoadWarrior Reporting tool provides your activity information and statistics for analysis.

Data Reporting Tool:

User Portal

Access the Activity Report Portal here.

***Please note, this tool works best on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox; we cannot guarantee support for Internet Explorer or other browsers.

The Portal allows you to view information right in your browser, and provides a more detailed report via a downloadable Excel file.

View Report

From the Activity Report Portal, simply select the Start Date and End Date to view activity for a certain period of time.

The Routes, History, and Favorites tabs separate out your data for ease-of-viewing.

The Routes Tab displays each Route name, start time, end time, location, total Route time, total Route distance, and any notes made for each route.

Warrior Tip: If you click on the name of a Route, a detailed list containing information about each stop will appear.

The History Tab displays check-ins, modifications, and other actions surrounding different stops.

The Favorites Tab shows you your favorites stops, their priority level, any phone numbers associated with the stop, and any notes (including hashtags).

Download Report

Select a start and end date for the period of time that you want to download a report for. This will also update the table, so you can preview what will be included in the download. After that, click the Download Report button to download an excel spreadsheet of all your data.

Warrior Tip: The Downloaded spreadsheets have multiple tabs--if you can't find the information you're looking for in the first tab, be sure to click around and explore!

Restore Archived Routes

After 4 months of inactivity on a saved item, Routes are automatically archived. They will still show on the device that had used or created them, but will not sync and show up on additional devices once archived--we do this to save users on mobile data they might not be using.

You can restore any archived items via the Reporting Tool by following these instructions:

  • Log in to the Reporting Portal
  • Set the starting date to the month before your oldest route was created
  • Your Routes should populate, with the oldest Routes at the bottom
  • Archived Routes show a bin under the "archived" column
  • Tap the arrow to the far right to restore your Route