Guest Account

Guest (free) accounts don't require any registration. You do not provide your email address. If you choose to log out of a basic account the data (addresses, routes) will be lost. So, we do not recommend logging out. If you lose your phone or purchase a new one, you will not be able to access your previous data. If you would like your data saved to access on multiple devices, upgrade to PRO.

PRO Account

If you want to access the higher limits in a PRO account, we recommend upgrading your existing, basic account directly from the app. From the main menu, click UPGRADE TO PRO. You can keep the routes you've created in a basic account when you upgrade to PRO, but to do so, do not logout and create a new account.

Warrior Tip: Register your account when upgrading. This is the only way to access your account!

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Once you register your account with an email address and password, you will be able to access your account from multiple devices (Android and iOS).

After downloading Road Warrior on a new device, make sure you click Login / Existing PRO Account. If you click Get Started, it will automatically create a new basic account.

Identifying Your Account

If you are in Road Warrior and need to know if you are in a Guest or PRO account, go to the sidebar menu.

If you see Basic Account, you are in a Guest account. If it shows the email address you used to upgrade to PRO, you are in your PRO account.

If your subscription expires, you can still login to your account, but you will no longer be a PRO account user. The UPGRADE TO PRO button will become available, allowing you to upgrade again.

To logout of a guest account and log into your previously purchased PRO account, tap Basic Account and then Logout to return to the login screen.

When you logout of a guest account, you lose any saved Routes, Stops, Favorites, and associated data.

How do I reset my password?

Remember, only PRO accounts have passwords. If you don't have a PRO account, simply click Get Started at the initial Road Warrior screen.

To reset the password on your PRO account, go to the login screen, enter the email address you used to sign up with PRO and click "Forgot your password?" An email will be sent with a link to reset your password. If you don't see an email from Road Warrior, please check your SPAM filter.

What happens when I cancel?

You can cancel your monthly or yearly Road Warrior subscription from your device. Apple provides instructions here: How to Cancel

If you cancel your subscription, you still have access to your PRO account through the end of your subscription period. When your subscription expires, you will still be able to login to your account, but it will be a basic account without access to the higher limits. You will also no longer have the ability to use the upload/activity report portal. To upgrade again, simply click UPGRADE TO PRO within your account - that button is only active when you do not have a current subscription.

Why didn't my subscription renew?

Your subscription will renew monthly or yearly, depending on which option you selected when going PRO. If you notice that your subscription did not renew, it is likely due to a problem with the credit card you have on file with iTunes. The most common reason is an expired or canceled credit card.

You can check into your account with iTunes and edit your payment method by following these instructions:

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