Road Warrior's filtering feature allows you to filter Favorites based on convenient preset options or your own custom requirements. Why might you want to filter?

"I have so many favorites that my map looks cluttered with pins."

"Some days I only want to view current customers, not prospects."

"I only want to see locations that are open today."

Basic Filtering Options

Once you have added a number of Stops and Favorites to your map, you might want to limit those that are displayed. Go to the Filter icon at the top right of the map and click the radio button next to Favorite Filter. This opens several options to limit the Favorites that you will see on the map:

Distance from Start: Use the slide bar to show Favorites within a certain distance from your Start Point.

Open Favorites: Only show Favorites that are open and have not been limited by an availability limit.

Stops Only: This limits your view so you only see the Stops on your route. Any favorites not on the route will not be displayed.

Active Stops Only: This further restricts favorites you will see beyond "Stops Only." It excludes stops on the route that are Checked in, unreachable, or closed.

Custom Filters using Hashtags

You can also assign a customized field called Hashtags for furthering filtering based on your specific needs. To use Hashtags for filtering, first put a hashtag in the Notes section of your Favorite.

To get to the Notes section of your Favorite, click on a Favorite, then click Edit. (If you are clicking on a Favorite that is Stop on your current route, click on the Stop and select View Favorite.)

Next, type that hashtag into the Hash Tags section of the filter screen and make sure the filter is on.

For example, you might tag VIP customers as #VIP by typing #VIP in the notes section of those Favorites. Then turning on the filter and typing #VIP in the hashtag section of the Filter screen.

Multiple Hashtags

You can use multiple hashtags for more advanced filtering. When you use multiple hashtags, the filter defaults to “OR” mode. When you click the check mark to match EVERY hashtag it changes to “AND” mode.

For example, if you wanted to filter by #VIP and #Maryland then you would type in: #VIP #Maryland and check the section to match every hashtag.

In another example, you might be a salesperson who has tagged all your favorites as either #hot or #warm or #cold. On this day, you only want to visit favorites that are warm or hot. You want hashtag section of the filter to read: #warm #hot with the match every hashtag line unchecked.


Remember your Filter: from the Map or List view you can immediately tell that your filter is on if the icon is green.

Hashtags belong to Favorites, not Stops. Make sure you add your hashtag to the note of the Favorite (as described above) not the Stop notes, which are separate.

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