PRO users are able to sync their device to the server by logging in to their PRO account. The Sync feature is designed so that a single user is able to access their account on more than one device. For example, a person might want to set up their route on a tablet at home then be able to use a smartphone during the day as they drive the route.

Syncing is not designed for multiple users logged into a single account because they will likely end up overwriting each other's data.

Syncing happens automatically every time an Optimize occurs or when the app is Opened or Closed. You can manually sync at any time by clicking the "Synced" bar at the bottom of the left hand side bar. You'll see the time and date update if you have an internet connection and the sync was successful.

Here's an example. To sync a route from Phone A to Phone B, take the following steps:

  1. Set up the route on Phone A while logged into your PRO account. Click Optimize or do a manual sync.

  2. Login to your PRO account on Phone B and do a manual sync. Now the route from Phone A will appear Phone B.

Common Issues and How to Troubleshoot

Logged-in to Different Accounts.

To check this, go to the sidebar menu and look for your PRO email address. You need to see that same email address on both devices. If you see "Basic Account" you are not logged-in to your PRO account, so you'll need to logout and login using your PRO credentials.

Weak Internet Connection.

Syncing happens over the internet, so without a good connection, the sync can't happen.

Overwriting Data In Routes.

Problems with overwriting data can occur if you make changes to a route on two different devices without syncing. When editing a route on one device, make sure to sync to both devices before moving on.

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