Road Warrior allows you to save multiple routes and manage various route options. Check out these tips to maximize your use of routes.

Create New Route

There are two easy ways to create a new Route in Road Warrior.

Create a new route from the Map View by tapping the New Route plus sign at the bottom left.

Or navigate to the Routes tab of the left hand sidebar menu and click the + sign at the bottom right.

Routes are always saved. When you create a New Route, your "old route" is already saved and you will see it listed under the Routes section of the sidebar menu. If you did not name your route, the route name automatically saves as: "". For example, a route created on November 20, 2018 will be displayed as: Route.2018.11.20. Routes in the list are sorted by start time by default.

Choose Your Route

The active route is the route that is displayed in the Planner view. To change the active route, go to the Routes list by selecting Routes in the sidebar menu.

The active route is indicated by being at the top and its title being in the raspberry color.

Tap on a route in the list to see options in a pop up menu. Tapping on Open will make the route active and the app will send you to the Planner View.

To delete a Route, swipe left and click Delete. There must always be an active route, so you can’t delete the active route. If you wish to delete the route that is currently active, first set a different route to active.

Set Planned Time

Setting planned time allows you to set a specific start and/or end date for your route.

Go to your Routes menu on the left hand side of your screen and select a Route and hit "Edit".

The default setting is to start the route at the time of Optimization (Dynamic). To set a start or stop time, tap Planned Time.

Departure time Setting

From here you can select a date and time for your route start and end.

Change Date screen Change Date screen

TIP: If you want the route time to change when you optimize, you must uncheck 'Is Hard Start' in Planned Time. Similarly, if you want an open ended route, you must uncheck 'Is Hard Stop'. Otherwise, you may see an overtime error if the route cannot be completed before the stop time.

Set Departure Point

Do you want your route to begin at a certain location that is not where you are currently?

The green flag on the map indicates the starting location, which defaults to your current location. Simply long press on the map and click Update Start to edit the departure location.

Or type a location into the search bar to pull up a result and select Update Start.

Remember, the default is to start at your current location (Dynamic).

Round Trip

If you want to set your trip to end in the same location as the start, you can edit your route to make it a round trip. From the Planner View click the Info (i) icon on the lower right and click Edit. Then select “Round Trip.”

Or access the setting from the Routes tab by clicking on a route to open the route options.

Your green start flag will appear with a checkerboard background to indicate that the route is a roundtrip.

Copy Route

If you use the same route often and you use the Check In feature, you’ll want to have a route free of Check Ins the next time you need to travel that route. The Copy feature is the best way to achieve this. A Copy of a route will keep your stops and settings, but it will not have stops checked in. This also allows you to keep track of your routes and activity for each route.

To Copy a route, press the Info (i) button from the bottom right of the planner view and select Copy Route. You can also copy a route from the Routes tab by clicking on a route to access the settings.

Share Route

You can share the list of Stops on your route as a text file by email and other apps that accept text files (Evernote, for example). From the Planner View, click the (i) icon at the bottom right of the screen and click the Share Route. You can also access the share button by clicking on a route in the Route section of the sidebar menu.

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