Let's go.

Once you've created your route and optimized in Road Warrior, it's time to Navigate to your Stops!

After you've optimized, Road Warrior will show you the best Route based on your parameters--represented by the purple line.

Each Stop has a number associated with it to indicate the optimal order.

Warrior Tip: The purple line is only high level overlay. It is not a detailed path and not intended for actual navigation. Actual navigation is best left to your selected 3rd party navigation apps, which we will explain shortly.

You can also see the ordered Stops in more detail as a list in List View by tapping List at the top of the screen.

How to Navigate

From either List View or Map View, select Stop 1 (marked with a 1). A menu will pop up, you will see Navigate on the right side.


Tap Navigate, and RoadWarrior will automatically load your stop information into your navigation app, so you can get on the road ASAP.

Warrior Tip: Don't like your default navigation app? No problem! Just open the side menu, tap settings, then tap navigation app, and make the change! Still stuck? There's a more detailed explanation later on in the guide.


After you arrive at your stop, press the "Back to Road Warrior" arrow on your phone to return to the Road Warrior app with ease.


When you return to the app, press Check-In to keep track of your progress on the map with checked off stop pins.


Your Checked-In Stop will now have a check mark on it (see red square below). Tap Stop #2 and Navigate and continue for each stop until your route is complete.



  • "I don't like the default navigation app, can I change it?"

Yes, you can!

First go to the main menu and hit Settings

Under "Route Defaults" select "Navigation App"

You will be able to select your default application to open after selecting a stop in Road Warrior. Make sure you select an application that you have installed on your device.

  • The address in my navigation app is not correct / I'm being navigated to the wrong location

We integrate with navigation apps by sending them either the coordinates of your pin, or the address of your pin. This can be changed in Road Warrior settings.

We recommend Coordinate as this ensure that you will be sent to the exact same GPS coordinates as the pin in Road Warrior. The address name may be incorrect as the nav app may try to guess what is at the location, however the important thing is that the location will be the same.

Address leaves more interpretation for the navigation app to determine the gps position of the address, and can sometimes result in an incorrect location.

We also recommend using the Here navigation app as we have found that it interfaces the best with Road Warrior.

  • I drive a truck, how can I use Road Warrior?

Consider downloading an offline Navigator like Sygic. Sygic has a truck friendly version and is optimized for offline navigation using TomTom maps.

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